Pan Afrikan Express Shipping and Services has been in business for 8 years.
Established since 2000, we do everything to provide the best shipping services
possible for our customers.

Shipping can be a stressful experience and we understand the concerns of our clients, so we provide professional and reliable services that put you at ease. Whether you are shipping a car or a postal package, our service can cater for your needs in the best manner possible.

Our client base spans from major shipping lines to the smallest family operated business. From the time your booking is made to when the cargo is delivered, PAES ensures that you the client are given the utmost care and assistance.
1-01-2008 Launch of Pan Afrikan Express Shipping & Service website
Certified carrier for international cargo. Pan Afrikan Express Shipping and Services provides fast, efficient service that allows travelling and everyday transport to be an effortless process.
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